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BeCode Antwerp - How much do you know about Websites? (Quiz)

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Do you want to test how much you already know about websites, types of them, what is front end , what is back end and so on?
Would you like to test in a fun way?
Join us on Tuesday, 15th of June at 2pm and participate to the fun quiz that we will organize for you.
This event is meant for people who are interested in our Junior Full Stack Developer training in Antwerp. Quiz will be based on the following topics:
Websites, what are they?
Types of websites
Components of a website
Ways to build a website
Template Build Vs Build from Scratch
Front End
Back End
Front End Technologies
Back End Technologies
Programming basics
Programming Constructs
See you there!

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BeCode Antwerp

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  • Dit evenement is afgelopen: 15 juni 2021 van 14u45 tot 15u

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