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Co-Searching Gent: Improve your cover letter (for foreign language speakers)

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Wat is het?

Free workshop for and by jobseekers.

Is your cover letter (or as the Flemish say: motivation letter) up for improvement or lacking motivation? Or do you feel like you're stuck writing one? In this workshop we'll take a closer look at your letter. Bring your letter or draft to the workshop. You will give and get immediate feedback from other jobseekers. This way we make our motivation letters more powerful, more convincing and attractive for employers.

To bring along:
- Your printed letter or draft and the job vacancy you're writing it for (if you still have it).
- Optional: if you want to start improving your letter right away, and you have a laptop, do bring it along.

Wie organiseert het?

Co-searching is a non-profit association that organises free and interactive workshops for (and by volunteering) jobseekers. We exchange experiences, share tips and tricks, give each other direct feedback. Co-searching is a network of jobseekers that want to help and inspire each other in the search for a job.

Voor wie?

This English spoken workshop aims at all foreign language speaking jobseekers: newcomer or not, everybody's welcome! The workshop is for free. Since the wokshop is in English participants should be able to have a conversation in this language.

Waar en wanneer?

Microstart Gent
Voormuide 41
9000 Gent
  • Dit evenement is afgelopen: 5 september 2019 van 10u tot 12u30

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