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Coffee with the Future: Sally Sinclair on the Labour Market in Australia

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Wat is het?

Coffee with the Future is your weekly dose of inspiration in the Work out Room. You can also follow it online, via Google Hangout.

In this edition, Sally Sinclair will speak. Sally is the CEO of NESA. the National Public Employment Services Association of Australia.

We will learn:

- How Public Employment Services are organized in Australia

- How NESA drives innovation and responsiveness to the changing labour market

- What we can learn from “downunder” on opportunities for everyone through employment and inclusion

After Sally's presentation there will be room for reflection and questions.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Wie organiseert het?

Work out Room

Voor wie?

Everyone who is interested in the organisation of labour market services.

Waar en wanneer?

Work out Room
Trapstraat 20
1000 Brussel
  • Dit evenement is afgelopen: 12 december 2019 van 13u tot 14u

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