Becode Ghent : Online info session Hackeuses Club

Wat is het?

Making sure women find their way in the tech industry is one of BeCode's core missions! For that reason BeCode regularly organizes the Hackeuses club training. A women only orientation training allowing women to explore and learn about the world of technology in a safe & supporting environment.

Would you like to explore the world of Tech?

Are you curious about:
- How to make a website or an application?
- What is design and marketing?
- What the different career opportunities are within the tech industry?
- Which training you can follow to successfully start your career?

It's not complicated. Join us for one of our all women Hackeuses club info sessions and find out how this training has helped other women just like you find their way in Tech and how it may help you too!

Wie organiseert het?

Becode vzw

Voor wie wordt het georganiseerd?


Waar en wanneer?

Datum Startuur Einduur Locatie
maandag, 10 juli 2023 15:00 16:00 Online