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What can you as a job seeker expect from us?

We are taking the necessary measures to limit the corona virus. We follow the situation closely and adjust our services. The measures below apply at least until the 19th of April.

We have closed the doors of all our locations since 17/03. But we stay open from a distance!

  • We guarantee our services:
    • vdab.be will be available for everyone 24/7. This is the perfect moment to discover our wide online range (online courses, support from application coaches, vacancy database, …)
    • 0800 30 700 will remain accessible for everyone with a work related question. You can also use this number to put your unemployment benefit in order.
    • Mediation by telephone will still be possible. Do you already have a mediator? Feel free to call in order to make or change an appointment. If you don’t have a mediator yet, call 0800 30 700.
  • Group activities such as trainings, workshops, job fairs and info sessions will be suspended. Trainings will be resumed after the suspension period. Other activities are postponed to a later time.
  • Are you a student in training or on the job training? Read here what measures apply to you.
    • On the job training related activities will continue.
      • the activity can be (temporarily) put on hold following a decision of the employer or the government.

      • any absence is justified only with a doctor’s certificate. A lack of children’s daycare or public transport is not considered a valid reason.

  • Should you have an appointment with the control service, this will be postponed. We will notify you by telephone. If we can’t reach you, you will be informed by post. Either way, you will be given the opportunity to provide a written explanation. If you prefer not to use this option, we will make a new appointment for a questioning.

Applying for a job in times of corona.

The corona virus holds the world in its grip. Are you searching for a job?

Our application coaches can give you pointers to make the best of this difficult period.

Updates and questions

All updates will be published on this webpage.

Any questions? Call 0800 30 700.

Information about the coronavirus in several languages

On this website you will find official information about the coronavirus. In almost 20 different languages you can read and listen to how to prevent infection and what measures the government is taking.