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VDAB European leader in competence based matching: unique cooperation with JobsPlus (Malta)

It has been more than 12 years since VDAB together with WCC made the first steps in matching people with jobs. The matching tool makes it possible to link job seekers and vacancies on the basis of competences, amongst other things. This experience and expertise is also valued internationally. Our cooperation with the colleagues at Jobsplus is unique in Europe because it is the first time that two public employment services from two different countries use the same system to match job seekers with vacancies. 

Competence based matching

VDAB believes that competence based matching is the only correct way to mediate in today’s labor market that is characterized by demographic developments and fast changes in the workplace. The success of competence based matching is due to putting the focus on the acquired knowledge and skills of a job seeker and the identification of the required competences of a vacancy. This way of working offers both the employer and the job seeker more possibilities to achieve a better and more qualitative match than trying to match on a diploma only. This approach caused VDAB to be mentioned as one of the 50 most innovative organizations in Flanders in 2015.

Cooperation with Jobsplus (Malta)

That on a European level VDAB has a strong position became already clear in the bench learning report published by the European Network of Public Employment Services last year. Thanks to the exchange of best practices and several working methods VDAB and JobsPlus (Malta) today established a unique cooperation. JobsPlus is the first employment service in Europe that will also use competence based matching. On top of that, the technical part of the matching process will literally happen on the systems/server of VDAB. This is an automated process where no human intervention is required. VDAB has also learned from its Maltese colleagues. For instance, the recognition that a vacancy is not everywhere described in the same manner (a job relative to more occupations in a vacancy). Furthermore VDAB looks at how it can learn from the way JobsPlus does visualization. Finally VDAB will further study the results of matching on all criteria except occupation.

More of this in the future

Apart from Jobsplus there are talks with other public employment services to share the knowledge on competence based matching.

Maltese Minister of Education and Labor Evarist Bartolo: “It is a challenge for every country to help job seekers find available jobs. Based on their competence profile these people should fulfil  existing demands of the labor market. The use of innovative technologies is therefor of crucial importance to find relevant solutions for today’s challenges.”

Flemish Minister of Work Philippe Muyters:  The international recognition that  VDAB gets for its advanced way of matching job seekers with vacancies now gets a follow up with Malta. With an activation policy that does not take into account someone’s diplomas only, but actually puts most of the focus on talent and skills , we are without a doubt trendsetter in Europe."


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