Incorporation certificate of the association of July 3, 2007 (published in the Belgian Official Gazette on July 27, 2007).
Appointment of the directors and appointment of the chairman, the vice-chairman, the secretary and the treasurer of the Board of Directors (published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 7 May 2013).


Documents relating to the projects

Youth guarantee
The Youth Guarantee is a new approach to addressing the problem of youth unemployment. It is not just a project or a new activity, but an approach of the 27 Member States of the European Union with the aim of reforming the working methods of all players in relation to young people in the private and public sector.

To formalize this commitment, Belgium has submitted a joint action plan for the Belgian ODTs to the European Commission via Synerjob.

In order to provide a quick response to the problem, the European Commission has released an emergency fund called the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI). This supported projects in the regions where youth unemployment is highest. This includes the Brussels-Capital Region and the provinces of Hainaut and Liège.
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Reinforced interregional mobility - March 2015
The five main government players on employment and training - VDAB, Forem, Actiris, Bruxelles Formation and ADG - will improve the automatic matching between vacancies and job-seekers. In concrete terms, this translates into the use of a common terminology, both for the description of the expected competencies in the exercise of the profession and for the description of the competencies of the candidates. This can considerably promote mobility between the regions.

Press release 19/3/2015