Working Group “PES contribution to EU 2020”


Fons Leroy, Director General from VDAB has accepted the mandate to chair a working group of PES representatives devoted to elaborate a "PES contribution to EU2020" that combines several strategic elements such as the translation of the employment guidelines into operations of the PES and the PES visions 2020. The aim is to get a clear picture of the future evolutions within PES as concerns the relevant matters from Guidelines 7 and 8.

Subsequently, the working group would start preparing an issues paper for a high level open debate on the strategic positioning of PES for the ten years to come, with - as a starting point for discussion/inspiration - the Belgian model of PES as a “conductor” promoting career security as a way to reinforce PES in the long run.

A third output of this working group will then be the answer to the EMCO request on elaborating and further enriching the possible role of PES within the 'Making transitions pay' approach.




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