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Purchaser GO4ZERO Project - Limestone Line

time Online sinds 14 mei 2024 - Zelfstandige activiteit

Job Description:

We are seeking a skilled and proactive Purchaser to join our Procurement team, dedicated to the GO4ZERO project's Limestone Line which will be executed near Vaulx, Tournai, Belgium.This pivotal role involves negotiating secondary lots for a value of 15M euros and managing the procurement controls for the major EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contracts, ensuring strategic sourcing and cost efficiency while upholding sustainability and quality standards.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Strategize and execute procurement of goods and services related to the Limestone Line, focusing on secondary lot acquisitions and the principal lot's EPC contract.
  • Conduct negotiations with suppliers to secure favorable terms and maintain strong professional relationships, mainly for the secondary lots.
  • Perform market analysis to stay updated with industry trends and leverage opportunities in both Belgian and international markets.
  • Ensure compliance with company policies and legal standards during contract development and execution phases.
  • Collaborate closely with project managers and other stakeholders to align procurement strategies with project timelines and objectives.
  • Manage supplier performance to ensure contractual commitments and project milestones are met.
  • Contacts suppliers to obtain timely submission of engineering data and monitor material acquisition, production progress and shipping.
  • Evaluates production schedules and progress reports from suppliers to determine if their programs and work progress meet site requirements.
  • Compiles data necessary to prepare critical item reports or other supplemental reports as required.
  • Maintains a working file containing expediting-related documents and conversation memoranda to record epediting activities.Maintains a system for initiating follow-up actions at appropriate times.
  • Obtains orders from suppliers and works closely with supplier quality representatives to ensure knowledge of materials subject to quality performance and their manufacturing locations.
  • Participates in pre-award and post-award meetings to review and discuss schedules and potential issues that may impact required shipping dates.

Civil Works & Structure Engineer - Limestone Line Project

time Online sinds 7 mei 2024 - Zelfstandige activiteit

Role Description:

We are seeking a Civil Works & Structure Engineer to join our GO4ZERO project team on a consulting or freelance basis for a 12-month mission.This role is crucial for the engineering phase and the execution phase of the Quarry package, involving extensive infrastructure and construction projects.The successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing and implementing civil engineering aspects related to Roads and Utility Services and the construction of various facilities, including crushers, intermediate storage warehouses, and notably a 2.5 km long curved conveyor belt.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Under the supervision of the Quarry Project Manager and the Lead Civil Works & Structure Manager, lead the civil engineering and structural aspects of the Quarry project, from the soil investigation stage up to the detailed design, ensuring all infrastructure is designed and constructed to meet project specifications, local and international engineering regulations and environmental sustainability goals.
  • Participate to the bidding phase and help to select the most appropriate contractor according to the works to execute;
  • Manage and control the execution documents (calculation notes, drawings…) and the conformity/quantities of the materials delivered on site;
  • Oversee the Roads and Utility Services aspects, ensuring all roadways, utility services, and miscellaneous civil works are planned and executed effectively.
  • Manage the construction of key facilities, including the implementation of a 2.5 km long curved conveyor belt, ensuring they meet operational and environmental standards.
  • Coordinate with project stakeholders, including suppliers, contractors, and local authorities, to ensure timely and cost-effective project execution.

Electrical & Control Engineer - Limestone Line Project

time Online sinds 7 mei 2024 - Zelfstandige activiteit

Role Description:

We are seeking an experienced Electrical & Control Engineer to join our multi-site GO4ZERO project team on a consulting basis for a 12-month term.This role involves significant responsibilities across the engineering, supervisory, and commissioning phases of the project's electrical and control systems.The engineer will play a crucial role in developing and implementing control solutions that align with our environmental and operational goals, particularly focusing on the automation of transportation processes and operational efficiency enhancements.This role is intended for the quarry site (limestone line) in Vaulx.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead the engineering phase by designing electrical and control systems that integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure, focusing particularly on system specifications and integration designs.
  • Oversee the supervisory phase, ensuring all electrical installations and functionalities align with the project specifications and ensuring adherence to safety and quality standards.
  • Manage the commissioning phase, including the testing and validation of control systems, particularly the automation of rail operations between quarry and processing facilities, using Siemens PCS7 for process control.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure the systems enhance operational efficiencies and meet sustainability objectives.
  • Ensure compliance with international engineering standards and environmental regulations throughout all project phases.
  • Coordinate with project stakeholders, suppliers, and contractors to ensure timely and effective implementation of project plans.
  • Provide technical leadership and support, including potential upgrades in IT networking systems (nice to have).