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Elevator technician F/X/M

time Online sinds 23 april 2024 - Vaste jobs
Our client specializes in the maintenance of large and small elevators of all brands, and their customer base is growing every day.Almost all of the company's employees have been working in the elevator industry for years and offer their knowledge and technical experience in resolving malfunctions and other failures through thorough and quality maintenance of elevator installations.

The company is currently recruiting crane equipment technicians.

- Taking orders for repairs, inspections, maintenance of crane equipment on the basis of reports
- Planning and execution of inspections, technical inspections and condition assessments of crane equipment
- Current repairs of medium and main machines and crane equipment
- Dismantling of machine parts of crane equipment in order to verify their degree of wear and tear
- Maintenance, cleaning and corrosion protection of crane machines and equipment, as well as
- Replacement of operating fluids in compliance with environmental protection requirements
- Adjustment of control units
- Preparation of technical documentation of performed repairs
- Verification of the correct operation of machinery and crane equipment
- Observance of health, safety and accident prevention rules
- Use of technical documentation and installation instructions of crane equipment;
- Determine the causes of malfunctions of individual systems, assemblies and
- Mechanisms of crane equipment
- Carrying out modernization of crane equipment, adaptation of the elevator to the latest technologies, installation of safety elements, aesthetic modifications, etc.
- Instructing users (operators) on the principles and requirements of proper operation of crane equipment
- Together with service technicians, you also perform guard duty every 7 weeks.