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time Online sinds 9 oktober 2023 - Vaste jobs

Part of the school counselling team, responsible for ensuring the provision of a high-quality counselling services to students experiencing a wide range of social and emotional problems.Apart from one-to-one sessions, this will include providing workshops to groups of students and promoting wellbeing as required.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Support academic attainment by helping students develop confidence, resilience and motivation
  • To help students develop emotionally so as to make a valuable contribution to society
  • Enhance the overall emotional health and mental wellbeing of students
  • Help students find new ways to manage or resolve emotional distress
  • Provide support by building non-judgemental relationships of trust and respect with the students
  • Provide a safe and confidential space to students to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours in order to develop a better understanding of themselves and others
  • Provide age-appropriate counselling designed to support learning and development of individuals and groups in order to improve social skills, self-awareness and learning capacity
  • Provide professional psycho-educational advice to teaching staff as part of holistic approach to school support
  • Manage a varied caseload within the Team as directed by the Lead Counsellor
  • Maintain confidential client records and counselling information on students as appropriate and in compliance with procedures
  • Ensure all relevant policies and procedures are followed
  • Liaise with the Pastoral staff and Safeguarding team where required
  • Liaise with families of students as well as with external agencies as required
  • Provide colleagues and families with expert advice and consultation as needed
  • Attend regular supervision/one to one facilitated by the Lead Counsellor
  • Promote positive mental health and a feeling of well-being within the School
  • Contribute to the ethos and aims of the school
  • Undertake other work of an appropriate nature and in the interests of the school as directed by the Lead Counsellor