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Certification Decision Maker

time Online sinds 4 december 2023 - Vaste jobs

We are currently looking for a Final Reviewer/Certification Decision Maker for the SGS Notified Body 1639 in Antwerp.

The main responsibilities will be to provide third party certification review and decision prior to certificate issue in line with SGS policies and procedures and support Notified Body activities.

You establish:

  • whether the audit (assessment) activity has adequately covered all relevant SGS management system aspects and processes (as well as all relevant the technical documentation reviews)
  • whether the audit (assessment) activity has been conducted by a team with appropriate competence
  • that the certification recommendation is consistent with the documented audit findings

Furthermore you ensure that all Notified Body procedures have been complied with and the appropriate documentation completed satisfactorily and guard that the technical review activities have been carried out satisfactorily prior to making a final decision as to whether a certificate should be issued.You enable delivery of client certificates promptly whilst maintaining the integrity of No.Bo1639 and SGS Belgium NV.

In this challenge you remain informed of certification, accreditation and regulatory requirements and provide a rapid responsive service to both internal and external clients ensuring customer satisfaction as a high order of priority.

In your role as a final reviewer you ensure that the business complies with the processes for maintaining robust certification decisions in line with accreditation requirements and make sure effective specialist advice is delivered on a timely basis.

To conclude you timely solve certificate issues, provide accurate reporting and maintain the high profile of the department by effective interaction with other parts of the business

You assist the Global Medical Device Certification Manager to effectively manage all applicable accreditations.

From this role you can grow into the position of Certification Manager, Technical Expert or into another key subject matter Expert.

Hardware Engineer - Pozyx

time Online sinds 8 december 2023 - Vaste jobs

Hardware Engineer:

  • As a hardware designer you will become a part of the hardware design team and shall contribute to the realization of our hardware roadmap and the enhancement of our existing portfolio.
  • You capture relevant technologies for our business which could lead to unique hardware selling point(s), conduct proof of concepts (based on devkits) and push the results to the product steering group.
  • You draw up schematics with strong focus on overall system consumption (battery and non-battery powered devices), size, speed, scalability and environmental impact (green design).
  • You collaborate with external companies, interact with a variety of disciplines (eg product design house, injection molding company,…) and elaborate with all of them to come to a solid overall hardware product.
  • You interact with the firmware and algorithm team to define the hardware test strategy, conduct the necessary hardware tests to validate the hybrid design (analogue and digital components) and draws up the conclusions.
  • You strive for a first-time right approach.
  • You prepare the technical documentation and steer/guide the hardware certification with external labs (pre-compliance & compliance).
  • You keep eye an on the overall manufacturability of the hardware product and guide the external EMS partners with the launch of the first prototypes and ramp-up.
  • You take care of a smooth hardware product hand-over towards the Pozyx operational team.

Key responsibilities

  • Scout and analyze relevant technologies and hardware components.
  • Conduct proof of concepts and list recommendations.
  • Define hardware test strategy and manufacturability (Df.X).
  • List hardware components and define (initial) product cost.
  • Draw up schematics (Altium).
  • Debug, validate hardware and write hardware validation reports for (first) prototypes.
  • List & maintain technical product documentation.
  • Guide the hardware certification.
  • Build and implement hardware test system.
  • Interact with Pozyx team members and with external companies.