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Senior Digital Communications Manager

time Online sinds 7 december 2023 - Vaste jobs

Developing and Implementing Communications Strategies:

  • Collaborate with the ETF Political Team to develop and implement communication strategies.
  • Coordinate the communication pillar of ETF campaigns, ensuring seamless collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Uphold and enhance the coherence of the ETF visual identity.

Coordination and Production Management:

  • Coordinate external consultants, including designers, photographers, printers, and web developers.
  • Manage the production of diverse communication tools and materials, from videos to events and campaign materials.
  • Undertake basic design work to maintain visual consistency.

Media Coordination:

  • Coordinate proactive media work, maximizing national and international coverage through collaboration with member organizations and European Trade Unions.
Digital Engagement and Communications

Social Media Management:

  • Design and execute digital engagement strategies to foster online community engagement across platforms.
  • Manage and update ETF's social media accounts, ensuring maximum outreach.
  • Collaborate with the Communications Officer to align digital efforts with political communications and overall strategy.

Analytics and Optimization:

  • Monitor and analyze web and social media statistics, providing recommendations for improvements.
  • Develop and manage a content calendar tailored to each social media platform.
  • Implement social media advertising campaigns, including budget management.

Newsletter and Email Campaigns:

  • Draft and send newsletters and email campaigns focused on digital engagement.
Audiovisual Production

Content Creation:

  • Create, edit, and optimize audiovisual content for social media using tools like Adobe Suite and Canva.
  • Design print materials such as brochures, flyers, and posters, ensuring alignment with ETF's visual identity.
  • Film and record podcasts with key experts or ETF members.

Optimization and Coordination:

  • Conduct A/B tests to determine the effectiveness of different content types and strategies.
  • Coordinate live streaming for events or webinars as needed.