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IT Project Manager

time Online sinds 5 december 2023 - Vaste jobs

The IT Project Manager is responsible for executing the project, to achieve the project objectives and optimum results, in compliance with the requirements formulated in the business case and in the project initiation document (PID), in terms of quality, performance, cost, delivery and security.

He / She is accountable for maintaining the progress and the productive interactions of the project stakeholders in order to reduce or eliminate the overall risk of failure of the project.

He / She is also in charge of liaising regularly with the project sponsor, project committee and PMO to provide the relevant level of reporting and information required for decision making.


Reporting to the IT Applications Manager his / her key responsibilities are:


  • Review the project Initiation Document (PID) to ensure accuracy at the start of the project
  • Formulate an adapted project plan to reach the project objectives and benefits within the defined frame:
    • Refine the project business case if required
    • Refine the project scope, schedule, activities, milestones and main expected deliverables
    • Refine the project budget if required
    • Identify detailed project team, resources and allocation
    • Engage stakeholders and define roles and responsibilities
    • Define a communication strategy between project stakeholders and set up project governance and instances
    • Define and indicate applicable quality procedures (issue management, risk management, escalation management, deliverables acceptance…)
    • Highlight project interdependencies with other projects


  • Organize and hold project execution kick-off meeting,
  • Ensure commitment to the project from project team members, customers or stakeholders
  • Execute the project plan from planning to closing
  • Organize, coordinate and lead the project team and activities
  • Manage resources, develop schedules and individual responsibilities to perform project activities
  • Pilot and manage project costs and budget
  • Supervise suppliers in charge of project activities, manage relationships with the suppliers (from signature of the contract to final validation of the project or activity deliverable)
  • Supervise and monitor project progress against project plan
  • Coordinate, summarize and ensure the quality of issued approvals and deliverables
  • Advise on possible modifications of objectives, completion constraints or environment changes
  • Analyze and manage project risks and issues, implement risk management plan


  • Close the project and submit final deliverables with a formal handover to the RUN teams


  • Coordinate the activities with all project team members
  • Ensure the circulation and distribution of information regarding project management
  • Mediate in the event of any differences between the team and other stakeholders
  • Use project management tool to track performance and schedule adherence
  • Keep the stakeholders notified of project milestones and evolution through regular project status report
  • Work with and report to program manager to manage project interdependencies
  • Provide regular updates on project status, risks, progress and KPIs to the Portfolio Manag.