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Teamlead ICAM

time Online sinds 16 februari 2024 - Vaste jobs

Within the CISO department, the Identity, Credential & Access Management (ICAM) team exists alongside the Cyber Centre of Excellence and GRC Office teams.The ICAM team, together with external partners, manages the critical identity and access management architecture that ensures that our travelers and our staff and partners can access the applications they need, day in and day out, in an efficient and secure manner.This team also oversees the identity and access management processes.


Key Activities

People management

  • Ensure clear governance, including roles and responsibilities, accountability and delegation of tasks within their team.
  • Coach and steers the team where necessary and guides individual team members in their personal development together with the CISO and the HR business partner.
  • Recruit and hire new ICAM team members with the right qualifications, knowledge and skills.
  • Is the first escalation point for the team member of the ICAM team.

Financial and capacity management

  • Determine yearly budget (OPEX and CAPEX) together with the experts and the CISO and closely follow up on it through KPI’s, metrics and reporting.
  • Manage the necessary capacity planning for OPEX activities and projects.

Service management

  • Create, maintain and improve a capability and service overview/ catalogue owned by the ICAM team
  • Maintain all aspect of the lifecycle management of these capabilities and services:
    • Design, formalize, implement KPI’s and metrics for each capability and underlying service.
    • Identify and escalate operational, financial and quality risks.
    • Create new services or improve existing services in order to meet a customer or business need, always driving by creating added value.
    • Guard and coordinate the technical quality and operational efficiency and effectiveness of the daily operations.
    • Monitor external suppliers required for providing the services.
    • Report to (internal) customer (KPI reporting, planning, capacity, quality)

Project management

  • Translate new services into concrete projects together with the program manager and lead expert to launch the necessary project demand and initiation requests
  • Act as the project sponsor for the lead experts within the team (who are the project owners) and ensure all internal steps are followed while timely delivering the necessary Requests for Initiation and Request for Proposals to the market.