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Senior International Mobility Advisor

time Online sinds 31 mei 2024 - Vaste jobs
.Policy Improvement: Stay informed about market trends and regulatory changes, recommending adjustments and enhancements to company policies and processes, and supporting the International Mobility Manager in implementing global changes Global Mobility Strategy: Participate in shaping and implementing global mobility strategies aligned with organizational objectives, supporting talent management, and following HR policies Compliance and Regulations: Ensure that international assignments comply with local and international social, legal, and tax regulations as well as the company's internal processes Contractual Analysis and Cost Calculations: Analyze contractual setup possibilities for new international assignments and prepare, review cost calculations in cooperation with business managers and/or sales teams Collaboration and Solutions: Work with internal stakeholders (HR, finance, legal, tax) to address complex mobility challenges and deliver effective solutions to ensure the successful execution of international assignments, providing support, advice, and solutions for immigration, relocation, moving, payroll, and tax matters Expat Payroll Management: Oversee the implementation of expat payroll in both the home and host countries, acting as the primary contact for the payroll agency External Provider Management: Collaborate with external service providers to deliver high quality and cost effective solutions, managing escalations by assignees or vendors Company:Are you passionate about international mobility and compliance?