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HR Officer & Administration

time Online sinds 3 april 2024 - Vaste jobs

As the HR & Administration officer, you will handle all administrative aspects which are crucial to run the office.As a member of our HR team, you will handle HR-related tasks and you will be responsible for all company event.Your role allows you to actively participate in planned projects and introduce fresh ideas to drive our organization forward.

As HR & Administration officer, you will be responsible of:

  • Reviewing proposing any amendments to HR and Administration related policies and procedures
  • Prevention advisor, be responsible for employee prevention in coordination with the HR senior officer
  • Onboarding coordination in close collaboration with the Senior Officer HR, onboarding new joiners from an IT/infrastructure perspective
  • Answering any queries employees may have
  • Managing internal events/gifts for the employees
  • Fleet and company mobile phone coordinator
  • Following up on administrative and human resources tasks in collaboration wit the HR Senior Officer
  • Managing internal communication
  • General administrative tasks and projects related to running and managing the office in close collaboration with management and the entire HR & Admin team
  • Manage everything related to the office and making sure the office is fit for purpose - attending to contractors, office deliveries, routine maintenance of the office cleanliness etc.
  • Liaising with the IT support team to resolve any IT issues and when devices need to be ordered (including laptops and remote devices as required)
  • Ensuring there is a warm welcome for external customers and visitors
  • Coordinating processing and payment of invoices

Program Manager Senior

time Online sinds 16 februari 2024 - Tijdelijke jobs

As Program Manager, you’ll manage multiple major projects (concept, follow-up, implementation, evaluation, etc) to upgrade the governance between business and IT. 

Scope range, timing, budget and quality are managed in accordance with internal and external processes’ of the company.
The company will start with the following initiatives and are part of the program which is called “Gov5”:

  • Project 1 : Move Product Ownership to business in case it is currently still handled by IT
  • Project 2 : Structure the Demand and the Supply
    • Organize the Demand Portfolio around Strategic Benefits 
    • Organize the Supply in Domains with Products
  • Project 3 : Implement the result of Project 2 in 3 waves across the ~10 Domains and the ~7 Benefits 
  • Project 4 : Implement a solution on Jira to support the above structures
  • Project 5 : Adapt the financial set-up to be in line with the above structures
  • Project 6 : Align the HR job descriptions in line with the company's structure


Primary Tasks and responsibilities


  • Get the 6 projects delivered, clarify scope and synergies between the different sub-projects.
  • Manage the change trajectory, involving communication, training, documentation, coaching 
  • Respect mile stones of the projects.
  • Managing the risks and issues related to the roll-out.
  • Ensuring the compliance to standards and best practices across all Strategic Benefits & Domains.
  • Be proactive in proposing solutions and innovations.
  • Reporting progress, issues, risks etc.to the portfolio management.
  • Install a process of « roll-out review » to make sure the continuous qualitative delivery is assured from the “lessons learned”.
  • Follow-up on possible change and deliverables related feedback from the customer on continuous bases.

Secondary Tasks and responsibilities


  • Deploy and develop an active and consistent communication with different stakeholders.
  • Facilitate the operational functionality of the project groups and other stakeholders.
  • Help define the roles and responsibilities within every Benefit and Domain.
  • Self investment and participation to the creation of a « learning school » of the applied knowledge and tools used in the processes’ within different domains.