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Project's Business Change Manager

time Online sinds 16 mei 2024 - Zelfstandige activiteit

For its Transformation portfolio (composed of several transformation projects/programs contributing to the realization of our strategy) and particularly for projects with IT components and related to market scenario management and asset management within a strategic program linked to SMART Meters, the consultant will need to:

  • Evaluate the needs and impacts of various ongoing projects and initiatives in terms of change management, with possible adjustments to be considered based on the needs;
  • Define an appropriate change plan in close collaboration with the team lead and program/project managers;
  • Identify the activities and resources needed to successfully carry out change activities;
  • Monitor change activities using appropriate tools;
  • Actively manage and implement a stakeholder plan;
  • Define and implement communication actions;
  • Define and implement potential training actions;
  • Define communication plans, ensure their implementation and monitoring, through clear and appealing communication materials (in collaboration with the communication department);
  • Create clear, insightful, and engaging frequently asked questions;
  • Maintain and improve communication channels like Share Point, Teams;
  • Organize events;
  • Define and support project documentation actions for end users.



The DBS department provides a solid, agile, and secure IT environment and tools that contribute to the achievement of the client's mission and strategic objectives.

Within the DBS department, the Corporate PMO team provides a framework (processes and tools) to operationalize the client's strategy by supporting projects/programs and the Executive Committee in managing the Transformation portfolio in terms of project/program management and change management.It also ensures quality review related to Project/Program/Portfolio Management and Change Management activities.

The mission does not take place in a specific technical context apart from the usual communication and change management tools.