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Digital Analyst

time Online sinds 14 februari 2024 - Vaste jobs

As a Digital Analyst, you'll wear multiple hats, blending functional and technical expertise.You'll collaborate closely with the development team to gather requirements, map processes, design intelligent solutions, and develop analysis artifacts.You will also help to gather, transform, and compile data for effective decision-making, while providing progress updates to senior management.

  • Location: Main office in Kontich (BE), hubs in Ghent (BE) & Woerden (NL)


What you'll do

  • Gather requirements and insights through workshops, interviews, and analysis.
  • Map processes in BPMN and recommend improvements together with our strategist.
  • Design intelligent solutions together with the development team.
  • Design, develop and maintain artifacts focused on analysis of requirements, metrics, and reporting dashboards.
  • Consult, develop and implement metrics, automated reporting and process solutions, and process improvements to meet business needs.
  • Retrieve, aggregate and compile data from multiple sources into an actionable format to enable effective decision-making.
  • Prepare and deliver business requirements reviews to the senior management team regarding progress and roadblocks.


What you're good at

  • You are quick on your feet: you dive into documents and become an expert in the client's business in no time.
  • You have a notion of best practices around software development project methodologies: Agile, Scrum, waterfall, iterative, and others.
  • You have experience with analyzing IT technical activities, mapping out processes, and facilitating workshops and interviews.
  • You have a solid foundational knowledge of IT infrastructure components.
  • You have excellent communication skills: you can effortlessly explain technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
  • You are fluent in Dutch and/or English.Proficiency in French is a big plus.

This could be you

  • "As a Digital Analyst, I'm all about helping clients boost their efficiency and creativity through automation and innovation."

Tech lead - Traffic Management

time Online sinds 16 mei 2024 - Vaste jobs

Lead the Way in Ypto's Traffic Flow

Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment and enjoy tackling complex technical challenges?Are you passionate about building innovative solutions that keep traffic flowing smoothly?If so, then this Tech Lead role in the Traffic Management department at Ypto is the perfect opportunity for you!

In this leadership role, you'll head up a team of developers building and improving cutting-edge applications that ensure smooth traffic flow.You'll be the technical expert, setting the direction and making sure everything runs flawlessly.


The Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead the Dev Team: Guide and support your developers, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone excels.
  • Tech Vision: Chart the technical roadmap for traffic management apps, keeping them aligned with Ypto's overall goals.
  • Bridge the Gap: Work with project managers and stakeholders to turn business needs into solid, functional applications.
  • Code Craft: Design, build, and maintain efficient, scalable code that can handle real-time traffic demands.
  • Data Integration Master: Integrate data storage solutions to keep information flowing smoothly within the system.
  • Quality Guard: Oversee the technical quality of everything you build, ensuring it meets industry standards.
  • Problem-Solving Expertise: Identify and fix technical issues, keeping traffic flowing smoothly.
  • Champion Automation: Implement and maintain automated processes for better development efficiency and code quality.
  • Adaptable and Results-Oriented: Monitor project progress, identify roadblocks, and adjust plans to ensure you hit project goals.