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Proposal Engineer

time Online sinds 7 juni 2024 - Vaste jobs
Essential Duties and Responsibilities Learn and follow all ISO processes and procedures.This position collaborates with the Sales Managers to sell products and services by using technical, organizational and customer knowledge to develop technical proposals Upon receipt of the Request of Quotation, develop innovative solutions that fulfill the requirements of the customers, lead negotiations with customers to identify and agree on technical requirements and close a signed contract Meet Sales and Technical targets while complying with corporate guidelines for price/margin, schedule and design accuracy Sales Contacts Assist the Sales Managers with the preparation of presentations, qualification documents and sales materials for potential customers Keep up to date with market research to identify current and potential customer needs and develop effective applications of products and services If appropriate, suggest product improvements directly to the Sales Managers Evaluate product and service marketability in terms of customers' technical and manufacturing needs Promote the Group to any potential customer, and promoting your projects to employees, customers and internal suppliers Sales Process The development of quotations for HRSG and OTB is handled jointly by a team consisting of A Sales Manager, in charge of commercial aspects A Proposal Engineer, in charge of technical aspects In that purpose the Proposal Engineer analyses the technical specifications of the tender and highlights relevant information to define equipment and services.