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Electrical Project engineer

time Online sinds 1 februari 2024 - Vaste jobs

Our client is committed to creating sustainable comfort in buildings by integrating cutting-edge technologies in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, energy and climate management, medical gases, medical equipment and fire protection.

Their comprehensive services include design, installation, integration, maintenance and operation.As a leading player in the healthcare sector, they have developed a holistic approach and expertise, making them successful in various sectors.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Provide technical support to the design engineer.
  • Perform on-site reconnaissance to analyse constraints and identify technical risks and opportunities.
  • Analyse concept and design (dimensions), and if necessary, develop part or all of the project concept and/or design.
  • Consult suppliers and subcontractors to compare and validate technical choices, and search for variants and/or technical solutions to optimise the client's project.
  • Participate in the preparation of the technical dossier for the tender and in the defence of the technical part of the tender.
  • Preparing the execution file.

If the project is approved:

  • Participate in the preparation and approval of the execution file.
  • Carrying out technical comparisons of suppliers' and subcontractors' offers, investigating variants and/or technical solutions to optimise the profitability of the project.
  • Drafting and managing technical sheets and calculation notes.
  • Follow up and validate drawings internally before sending them to the client (technical support for draftsmen).
  • Participate in coordination techniques and prepare and manage the planning of deliverables for the execution file in accordance with the works schedule.
  • Feeding the MEP/BIM collaboration platform with all technical data.

In addition, the Technical Project Support Officer will be responsible for the production of the As-Built file, including:

  • Manage the schedule of deliverables required to produce the As-Built file.
  • Ensure efficient communication with the construction teams to get regular feedback on adjustments to the plans.
  • Communicate adjustments to the GHP plans to the draftsmen.
  • Producing the As-Built file.

Technology Owner Building

time Online sinds 24 februari 2024 - Vaste jobs

This role provides support to:

  • Development and manufacturing of aseptic products
  • Processes
  • Technologies, systems & equipment
  • Facilities & utilities
  • Engineering (in general)

And this in following fields:
  • Provides and develops technical expertise in one (or more) technologies
  • Works together with project teams, operation and system teams

Principal responsibilities: General:
  • Focus on safety and GMP compliance
  • Know the processes and procedures, including principles of good data mgt (ALCOA)
  • Be observant, investigate and report actions that may negatively impact the desired outcome of process or activity
  • Lead and support continuous improvement efforts
Role specific:
  • Support complex projects in setup of budget and schedule
  • Support complex projects in setup of technical solutions
  • Support complex projects in feasibility phase
  • Support PE's in complex projects during conceptual design
  • Develop and maintain site master plans in technology domain
  • Take the lead or assist in root cause investigations concerning technical issues
  • Provide training in technology domain to people at all levels / from different departments
  • Organize standardization / technology meetings
Technical expertise:
  • Provide technical expertise within the technology domain and keep acquainted with new recommendations in this domain
  • Provide technical guidance / coaching to team members, act as a technical expert in the discipline team
  • Provide and manage the technical standard in technology domain
The abovementioned list of tasks is non-limitative and can be updated from time to time according to the needs of the company and the career path of the employee.