Flanders, home to your new career

Are you a pro in engineering? Do you have experience in science, technology, engineering or mathematics? Have you got a strong interest in an engineering opportunity abroad? Ever thought about Belgium – Flanders as a career destination?

Flanders in a nutshell

Flanders, one of the three Belgian regions, is integrated in one of the most dynamic economic areas in central Europe, keeping its growth trend since end-2013.

It's where the heart of technology beats and inventions for the future are given birth to every day.

The gap between supply and demand of work

Flemish employers face shortages of qualified professionals, namely in the domains of engineering, construction and technology.

The shortages are mostly due to the mismatch and different economic challenges. The demand for specialised professionals will continue to grow in specific areas.


VDAB is the public employment service of Flanders. As conductor of the labour market our main goal is sustainable work for all. In order to achieve this objective, we mediate between employers and employees. 

Get in touch with VDAB, by sending a mail to international@vdab.be

We are counting on you

We encourage all jobseekers with the apt skills, background and motivation to seize the opportunities in our wide range of engineering job offers and create a connection with our companies.

Start to prepare the necessary paperwork and set up good agreements asap. Belgium will meet the request by all means possible.



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