Co-working for jobseekers: look for a job together! (English)

Wat is het?

Looking for a job alone can be quite a lonely challenge. But not anymore! We offer a free co-working moment for jobseekers where you can share tips in the group, ask your questions, work on your resume, get feedback from the group etc...

If you want to work on something: bring your laptop. When you register you can allready fill in a topic or question you would like to talk about or work on (but you don't have to).
We're looking forward to get to know you! :-)

Magalie and Heather, your Co-Searching hosts

Wie organiseert het?

Co-Searching is a non-profit organization that organises free and interactive workshops and conversation groups for jobseekers. We exchange experiences, share tips and tricks, give each other direct feedback. Co-Searching is a network of jobseekers that want to help and inspire each other in the search for a job.

Workshops and conversation groups are prepared and guided by Co-Searching volunteers. Our volunteers are jobseekers or working employees.

Voor wie wordt het georganiseerd?

This workshop is open for all jobseekers (not working jobseekers, working jobseekers, students etc..) who want to learn and discuss job search. You are welcome regardless of your age, sector, gender, education level, etc.

This workshop requires enough knowledge of English to be able to participate in a conversation.

Waar en wanneer?

Datum Startuur Einduur Locatie
dinsdag, 30 juli 2024 13:00 15:00 Ghent

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