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Regulatory Operational Management Agent (contract of limited duration)

time Online sinds 4 juni 2024 - Vaste jobs

Function within ROM Team:

  • Ensure that the tasks performed by the “Customer Services” comply with the regulations in force for both AML and CRS-FATCA, GDPR and other anti-fraud measures as well as internal procedures and policies;
  • Perform periodic reviews (KYC) of clients based on their risk profiles;
  • Actively participate in the duty of constant vigilance through the analysis of alerts detected by the systems or by the operational departments, draw up detailed and documented reports to be forwarded on the second line;
  • Analyze and prepare reports for atypical transactions and, if necessary, forward the results of second-line analyses;
  • Analyze PEP profiles, potentially sanctioned clients, etc.
  • Respond to requests from local authorities (police, financial prosecutor);
  • Actively participate in any project related to regulatory issues;
  • Support the development of procedures and make the necessary adjustments to comply with new laws and regulations;
  • Take part in the detection of CRS/FATCA indices, the monitoring of the procedure until the preparation of annual regulatory declarations;
  • Update and maintain professional knowledge and technical skills in the AML field, CRS & FATCA, GDPR and any other anti-fraud measures in order to maximize their own professional knowledge and apply it optimally within the organization.

The members of the ROM department are part of a team.Each member assists in its function the ROM Manager in reviewing relevant open topic with compliance and other operating departments, of processes and controls, and ensures timely, effective, correct and full regulatory implementation.