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Solution Designer

time Online sinds 16 februari 2024 - Vaste jobs

As a Solution Designer, you are part of the team Analysis & Solution Design, department Solution Delivery SPS (Sales, Passenger & Security Information).

  • Review high level solution created by Solution Architect and Provide feedback based on current implementation of impacted systems and industry best practices
  • Detail high level solution produced by Solution Architect and document for the use of development team, infra team, 3rd party vendors and other stake holder’s involved
  • Identify technical components of the solution.This means producing a modular, reusable and flexible design.
  • Identify optimal hosting platform requirements for each non-prod and prod environments.
  • Design/Identify interfaces and connection types between components in alignment with general interaction principles.
  • Detail security implementation required for the solution.
  • Detail Disaster Recovery solution for the application when needed
  • Produce detailed design diagrams such as
    • State transition diagrams
    • Class diagrams
    • Sequence Diagrams
    • Network connectivity diagrams
    • ER diagrams
  • Design APIs that are exposed from the solution in line with API guidelines of customer enterprise and industry best practices.
  • Ensure that solution implementation adhere to technology, infra and security standards of customer enterprise
  • Review non-functional test results and do the necessary adaptations to solution design
  • Participate in Technical reviews and guide development teams
  • Support interfacing applications in their solution discussions
  • Any other solution design activities specific for the application in scope