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Claim Manager (Freelance)

time Online sinds 8 juni 2024 - Zelfstandige activiteit

Key Responsibilities

  • Claims verification and management:
    • Verify and manage claims or requests for compensation from all suppliers or stakeholders.
    • Ensure all claims are handled fairly and align with the Project Director's directives and Company policies.
  • Change request review:
    • Review change requests to contracts.
    • Assess the impact of change requests on the project.
    • Negotiate terms and conditions with involved parties.
    • Implement changes in compliance with contractual requirements.
  • Claims Negotiation and resolution:
    • Serve as the primary point of contact for claim negotiations and resolutions, particularly with CBMI.
    • Facilitate communication and understanding between all parties involved in claims.
    • Develop strategies to resolve claims efficiently and effectively.
  • Documentation and reporting:
    • Maintain detailed records of all claims and related communications.
    • Prepare regular reports on claim status and outcomes for the Project Director and Quarry Project Manager.
  • Stakeholder liaison:
    • Act as a liaison between the Project Management team and non-EU contractors.
    • Ensure all stakeholders are informed and updated on the status of claims and any related issues.
  • Compliance and policy adherence:
    • Ensure all claim management activities comply with Company policies and relevant legal requirements.
    • Keep abreast of changes in laws and regulations related to contract and claim management.
  • Continuous improvement:
    • Identify opportunities for process improvements in claim management.
    • Implement best practices and innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in claim resolution.