Extra help if you are highly skilled and a non-native speaker

Did you obtain a higher education diploma in your country of origin and do you want to find a job at your level in Flanders? Then VDAB can give you advice on your job search.

What does it mean?

During an interview with you, we look at how difficult or easy it is to find a job at your level. Moreover, you will receive practical, tailor-made tips on applying for a job, diploma recognition, learning Dutch...

When am I eligible?

You must meet these requirements:

  • You live in Flanders.
  • You are registered with VDAB. See how you can register.
  • You:
    • obtained a diploma of graduate, a bachelor's degree, a master's degree or a doctoral degree in your country of origin or in a country other than Belgium, or
    • you followed a higher education course in Belgium in a language other than Dutch.
  • You want to work at the level of your diploma.
  • You speak sufficient Dutch, French or English to hold an interview.

Are you interested?

  1. Make an appointment

  2. Prepare for the interview

    • Read in advance our brochure with information on what to expect from the interview and VDAB's offer.
    • Bring your residence documents, diploma, education certificates and CV to the interview.

You don't live in Flanders?

Contact ACTIRIS (Brussels), Le FOREM (Wallonia) or ADG (German-speaking Community).